In the fast-paced, ever-changing automotive and e-mobility media landscape, establishing an efficient framework for reactive and proactive communications is vital to landing your messaging in media coverage – both how and when you want it to.

There are a number of crucial foundation elements that should be put in place to lay the groundwork for an effective communications strategy:

1.) From regular media requests, through to leveraging the news agenda, establishing clear, fast channels for communication and approval – both internally with your team, and with decision-makers – will go a long way to ensuring announcements can be managed swiftly and effectively.

2.) When planning proactive storytelling, timing is key. Maintaining awareness of, and efficiently planning around, ongoing developments in the automotive and e-mobility industries, through to high-profile public events regionally or globally, is essential to time your communications for maximum visibility. With major unforeseen events, inappropriate announcement timing may negatively impact the opinion of external stakeholders looking for a professional, respectful, and responsible partner.

3.) Impactful storytelling requires a strong blend of substance, detail, and novelty. When crafting your announcements and establishing thought leadership opportunities, insight-mining with the appropriate experts in your business provides an invaluable opportunity for your team to immerse themselves in a given project. Asking the right questions to the right people will enable your team to gain the level of understanding needed to effectively identify the strongest angles in a story, and therefore engage media and external stakeholders.

4.) Ensuring access to your business’ experts for media interviews not only provides a valuable storytelling channel for landing detail-rich feature articles, but is also an effective tool for building positive relationships with journalists. Being able to give them exclusive opportunities to engage directly with senior personnel will not only help build a rapport with your team, but also build a favourable picture of your business’ leadership.

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