Specialists that started out in technical disciplines, before moving into the professions of journalism and communications, are now rare to find. The combination of those experiences brings a hugely valuable perspective to the discipline of technical communications.

The challenge begins here: we live and work in an increasingly technical world. Whether the topic is consumer-focused vehicles, or intricate and advanced technology for businesses operating in the industry, automotive and e-mobility communications demand an innate understanding of how a particular product offering or system works.

But understanding every facet of a subject is only one half of the story. While a given technology might be relevant for specialist, trade-focused publications – targeted at specialists within the industry who already understand it inside-out – articulating its value to a broader, business-focused audience requires the story to be told in a completely different way. If this isn’t done effectively, target audiences won’t understand the value of your proposition and won’t be able to engage with it – meaning the story can’t achieve the desired commercial results.

So, while bringing technical expertise into the field of communications is hugely beneficial, applying strategic communications knowledge to that technical expertise is essential to unlock its true value. Having that innate understanding of both disciplines is vital to be able to articulate it to different audiences, and therefore to successfully achieve specific business objectives.

Moving from the world of engineering to the communications sector therefore brings a vital perspective to a launch of a technical product, and plays a vital role in its success. Personnel with the exceptionally rare skillset of an engineering and a journalistic background are key to helping your product or offering stand out, especially in the highly competitive automotive and e-mobility spaces – where nuance and effectively articulating points of difference are everything.

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