Working in the communications team at an automotive manufacturer is an exciting place to be; from being the face of your business at industry events, to product launches around the world, it’s an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the brand and its story.

Given the scale and international scope of leading OEMs, their communications departments are dynamic and can be incredibly fast-paced. Having a specialist automotive and e-mobility PR agency that understands your story and needs is an invaluable asset and, when used effectively, is a highly efficient tool for maximising media engagement, boosting brand awareness, and unlocking growth opportunities for the business.

One of the most important steps in setting up an in-house/agency partnership for success is right at the very beginning: a strong brief. A lot of what we do in PR is qualitative, so having a solid understanding of how to translate this into tangible benefits and outcomes for the business is a vital part of agency collaboration. Whether it’s press office content creation, or an international cross-functional communications campaign, a well-defined scope of work for automotive and e-mobility PR support ensures that both parties are best-placed to focus their efforts most effectively.

As part of this, a good partnership aims to collaborate to identify goals and establish a strong vision of what success looks like – setting clear objectives for each category of activity and defining the strategic approach that’s needed to achieve them. Maintaining qualitative and quantitative metrics is also essential for accurately assessing the success of communications activities, and clearly tracking how they are contributing to broader business success.

When it comes to activation itself, a PR agency is well-placed to support in-house teams with agile delivery and maintaining a highly flexible, nimble approach to communications opportunities. Both the in-house and agency teams need to have a detailed understanding of how the organisation functions, in order to deliver a PR plan that is in-line with its brand values and strategic direction. This will ensure it’s best-placed to receive swift approval and achieve the desired outcomes for the company.

While in-house communications teams maintain their own strong relationships with targeted media, leveraging an automotive and e-mobility PR agency’s network brings broader scope for reaching a wide audience, and expanding the types of publications your activities can reach.

One of the most valuable ways a brand will benefit from a specialist PR agency is through their deep knowledge of strong tactics to deploy when delivering a strategic communications campaign. A specialist PR agency team will understand your brand’s strategic goals and then manage the tactical nuances – from negotiating exclusive placements to tailored pitching – that ensure maximum cut-through. This leaves the in-house team free to focus on amplifying and channelling their depth of brand knowledge and passion most effectively.

The Influence emobility team has several former in-house OEM PR managers and leaders who have a keen understanding of the internal pressures, and are therefore adept at delivering for their clients when it matters most.

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