The 30th edition of @TheGoodwoodGroup Festival of Speed delivered an eclectic celebration of all things in the world of mobility and emobility. In increasingly typical fashion, the event honoured landmark anniversaries and the heritage of long-established brands in the automotive industry – while shining the spotlight firmly on innovative, future-driven mobility technology.   These events are critical for emobility PR campaigns.

A strong host of zero-emissions vehicles provided spectacular performances up the famous Goodwood Hillclimb alongside combustion-engine classics, and also provided event-goers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of electrification at the ever-popular Electric Avenue exhibition.

Instead of simply displaying electric vehicles, the event looked to deep-dive into the EV ownership experience and for PR agencies like Influence, represent an opportunity to conduct direct to consumer activation programs, which in turn help us with experiences that feedback into emobility and automotive PR campaigns. Through a series of workshops and technical expert talks – covering topics from charging advice to vehicle maintenance – the event sought to provide consumers with the confidence they need to make the switch to electrification. Lifestyle choices were at the top of the agenda, with the diverse selection of vehicles grouped into four bespoke zones – each representing a different segment and lifestyle choice, featuring the best-in-class vehicle options for drivers.

With manufacturers’ vehicle offerings becoming stronger and stronger, and as the number of new EV registrations continues to push adoption of electrification even further, research has shown that consumers are feeling increasingly confident in the capabilities of electric vehicles. A recent study of EV drivers in major markets across Europe demonstrated a 10% decrease in the proportion who viewed range anxiety as a top-three challenge when switching to electrification, while 47% stated that they do not have to recharge their vehicle on a daily basis.

Through immersive experiences and providing valuable advice at their fingertips, providing drivers with the opportunity to enhance this confidence at high-profile events will be instrumental in accelerating the uptake of electrified mobility solutions even further.

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Image source: Goodwood

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