In today’s media landscape, disseminating news and information is easier than ever before. From traditional media publications, to social media platforms and broadcast outlets, there are a host of different channels at the disposal of businesses in the e-mobility and automotive industries – providing multiple opportunities to target specific audiences with different types of content.

Given the range of channels available, a strong communications strategy needs to keep a sharp focus on how a business showcases its expertise and contributions to the industry.

While news announcements play an integral role in enhancing media coverage volume and broader awareness, an effective specialist communications strategy must go beyond a steady stream of press releases. For time-poor journalists to convert them into coverage, press releases need to be concise, clear and to the point. Such a short-form piece of content can limit the added value that a business can bring – namely the opportunity to deep-dive into key issues affecting their sector, their viewpoints on them, and the solutions they can offer.

This is where the concept of thought leadership can introduce another, invaluable facet to a specialist communications campaign. In whatever format it is delivered, and through whatever channel, unique and compelling insight is the core ingredient for this type of content. Unlike shorter-form press releases, thought leadership activity offers an opportunity to provide more detailed, thought-provoking content.

When delivered to a carefully targeted, relevant audience that would be interested in deep-dive insight, thought leadership offers them not just a quick-fire update on business activities, but an argument for why they should pay attention to them.

Like a well-researched academic paper, the ability to deconstruct complex issues, demonstrate an understanding of critical pain-points, and share a new, detail-rich way of thinking is what will drive consideration among your target audience – compelling them to buy into your vision and the value of your solutions.

Most importantly, thought leadership can be delivered in a way that is both compelling and wide-reaching. For example, an exclusive long-form article published by a key media outlet will also benefit from their authority – thereby driving further consideration among their readership – while blog posts, video content or podcasts shared on your owned social media channels provide opportunities to share your work with a much broader audience.

This multifaceted nature is what makes thought leadership such a powerful strategic tool for businesses looking to win new customers – allowing them to drive both strong consideration and further awareness. As a result, this insight-led content is one of the most effective ways that you can put your work in the spotlight.


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