Just like the global media landscape, the automotive and e-mobility news cycles can be incredibly fast-paced, shifting dramatically at very short notice as a result of major product announcements, ground-breaking legislation, or widespread emergencies.

Whether it’s taking stock of attention-grabbing product news, reacting to global and regional breaking stories, or closely monitoring trending topics, multiple facets of the ever-changing media conversation need to be taken into consideration in order to make the news cycle work for you, and not against you.

When negotiating such a rapidly evolving media landscape, it is crucial to ensure your team is well-placed to be highly reactive and nimble in adapting your news distribution strategy and timing accordingly. This applies equally to maintaining awareness of, for example, new emissions or technological legislation and statements from relevant industry bodies, through to rapid response in the face of unforeseen events.  This is where a dedicated emobility PR agency can really help.

If your communications make claims that contravene such legislation, or appear oblivious to serious developing events, they can cause significant damage to your reputation and third parties’ desire to collaborate with you in the future.

Conversely, demonstrating a keen ability to communicate your business’ understanding and response to such developments clearly and quickly will go a long way to gaining respect for your business, and enhancing your credibility as a knowledgeable, reliable and professional partner.

The news cycle shouldn’t simply be relegated to the realm of reactive and crisis communications, however; it can also yield valuable coverage results and positive sentiment towards your business when leveraged proactively.

From the artificial intelligence debate, to boosting electric vehicle infrastructure, remaining cognisant of the topics that are getting industry professionals or consumers talking, and therefore at the top of journalists’ agendas, is an invaluable tool with which to shape the stories that you pitch.

While by the very nature of trending topics, many different businesses will be a part of those popular conversations, carefully highlighting your unique selling points in that context will greatly increase your chances of catching media attention, landing coverage ahead of your competitors, and helping you conquer the news cycle.

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