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Why create a PR agency for consulting clients?

As businesses globally reengineer their products, services and business practices in order to move towards sustainability, entirely new markets for services businesses open up. Change management is required to deliver the necessary e-mobility consultancy for all manner of organisations aiming to deliver fleet electrification, embed circular economy principles in their supply chains and achieve net zero outcomes. This has opened up a wealth of opportunity for established and niche start-up consultancy businesses, but to thrive they need to make potential customers aware of their capabilities which can be achieved through working with a specialist e-mobility consultancy PR agency.

Such organisations can assist OEMs with transformation and culture change and help start-ups develop road maps for long-term growth – provided they can reach customers and partners through PR. At Influence eMobility, we believe that supporting our clients to craft compelling messages is only the start.

Internal, external and change management PR and communications

For large organisations embarking upon a complete electrification programme, effective communication is at the heart of any change management programme. The e-mobility electrification ecosystem requires complete internal retooling of organisations – requiring specialist help from emobility PR experts.

Consultancy businesses operating in the e-mobility space cover a multitude of topics and disciplines. Hundreds of consultancies have sprung up offering carbon offsetting project support and carbon accounting services. Other consultancy businesses work at different levels of the Scope spectrum offering consultancy services at Scope 1 and upstream inputs or for third party downstream solutions for Scope 3. These are complex multi-faceted projects that require the services of a dedicated carbon consultancy PR agency in order to help educate the marketplace. A thorough knowledge of the local regulatory framework is also required in order to help clients position themselves and build trust in their audiences as many businesses are entering this world for the first time and rely on the trust of their consultancy partner.

Specialist e-mobility consultancy PR services

Other consultancy businesses are helping their clients examine, reengineer and optimise whole swathes of their businesses that may have remained relatively unchanged for decades. This can cover materials and manufacturing through to delivery and business models. Influence eMobility has key sector expertise in e-mobility and automove PR but as the ecosystem becomes more complex, changes are required at every stage of the supply chain as well as how brands talk to customers.

Consultancy businesses are also now being asked to look at how e-mobility providers introduce circular economy principles in their processes and to explore new models which will define how they interact and deliver for their customers in the coming decades.

How the agency differentiates e-mobility consultancy PR

Consultancy businesses are staffed by experts. They will go into client organisations (or on occasion be white labelled) and work behind the scenes helping the leadership teams with change management programmes covering everything from communications, organisational design, supply chain and manufacturing through to how they onboard new legislative requirements.

Whilst e-mobility consultancy businesses are many and varied, there is commonality in the agency approach to conducting e-mobility PR for consultancies. Many e-mobility consultancy businesses find that they are rarely able to go public with the work they are doing on behalf of clients. And all consultancy work is by its very nature, bespoke. But there are key organisational drivers such as regulations and ESG commitments that are in plain sight for many organisations.

Understanding how to leverage these drivers and to be able to position a company and its people in having expertise and a point of view on these matters is the key to the consultancy PR agency work. This can also be messaged specifically for the vertical sector or looked at more holistically across functions – such as conducting PR for the electrification of fleets and the necessary skills required to undertake these projects.

Delivering those messages with laser-like precision to the correct, highly specialised audience is crucial for the success of any consultancy PR programme. In an ever changing landscape, we continuously monitor developments across the aligned industries and leverage relationships with global opinion-forming vertical industry media to proactively exploit every opportunity to promote our clients’ mission.

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