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When we established Influence emobility, our founding principle and core strength as an electric mobility consultancy was to promote the technologies driving change in the future of all forms of mobility, on land, sea and air, and the people behind the stories. As an EV Marine PR Agency, we are proud to be the communications partner of choice for those driving innovation to bring zero-emission mobility solutions to the marine sector.

History shows that electric marine propulsion dates back to 1838 when Prussian inventor Moritz Hermann von Jacobi built and launched the first electric boat. By the 1880s, electric ferries operated on the Thames in the UK. Capable of running for up six hours on a battery charge, they were recharged at riverside marine electric charging points.

By the 1920s, internal-combustion-engined alternatives had largely replaced electric boats, but now, a century later, the need for the sector to decarbonise is clear. And, as electric marine public relations specialists, with deep-seated knowledge and expertise, Influence emobility is perfectly positioned to support those developing zero-emission marine technologies.

Whether that technology is being created for an outboard dinghy or a 10,000 TEU ULCV,

as electric marine communications experts, we grasp the sector-specific nuances required to brand, launch, promote and protect our clients’ reputations. This empowers us to create and deliver results-driven electric marine PR strategies.

Years Of Electric Mobility Experience

The decarbonisation of the marine industry is well underway, with many marine EV start-ups already providing highly innovative technical solutions and more arriving almost daily. The challenge to develop solutions to meet targets, such as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) strategy to cut the international shipping sector’s GHG emissions by at least 50 per cent by 2050 compared with 2018, is significant. But, so, too, are the rewards for those who will succeed.

As history shows, the key to success for any business does not lie solely with the strength of its offer. Whether you are developing electric batteries, dinghy electric outboard motors, EV sports cruisers, marine EV chargers, hybrid hydrofoils, marine EV retrofit solutions or alternative clean marine fuels for larger craft, creating an impactful and compelling story around your product and delivering it to the correct media and key opinion formers is essential to secure investment, achieve scale, attract customers, and deliver success.

This is a situation we have seen many times before and one that Influence has built its entire ethos and modus operandi around providing solutions for with its strategic approach – ‘cut through.’

When our sister agency Influence Associates launched in 2008, the automotive EV sector could be said to have been at a similar point to where the marine EV sector is now – in its infancy but primed for explosive growth.

Two of our founding clients were an Electric Vehicle (EV) company and a Lithium-ion battery company. From this foundation, we were swiftly chosen to help EV pioneers such as Tesla tell their stories and lead communications for the first Volvo EV.

Cut To The Chase With The Correct Electric Marine PR Strategy

In each instance and for each client, we created bespoke PR and communications tool kits. Each unique solution was developed ground-up in collaboration with our clients after fully immersing ourselves in every facet of their business to understand their needs. And each solution was founded on one unwavering fundamental principle that sits at the core of Influence’s strategic approach – ‘cut-through.’

The benefits of ‘cut-through’ communications and impactful storytelling go far beyond positive relationships with media outlets; they build your credibility, drive consideration among your target audience, and unlock investment opportunities – coming together to lay the foundations for an effective growth strategy.

With this blend of insight, understanding and carefully curated messaging, your stories will be ideally placed to land with the publications and channels that your customer base and potential investors are consuming, be it the business, technology or specialist and consumer maritime media.

A ‘cut through’ EV marine PR strategy is critical to convincing opinion formers, investors and customers of the uniqueness and effectiveness of your products and services. And this is more important than ever as the electric marine sector becomes increasingly crowded.

A methodical approach to communicating your electric marine solutions will cement your impact on the industry and set your company up for long-term success.

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