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The world’s first and leading Hyperloop PR Agency working with e-mobility and electric vehicle
manufacturers since 2008.

Why create a Hyperloop PR Agency?

An electric vehicle (EV) firm and a lithium-ion battery manufacturer were two of our early clients
when we founded Influence more than ten years ago. Why? Because, despite the fact that it wasn’t
quite evident at the time, we could see that the transport industry was set to change dramatically in
the future.

We wanted to specialise in these new technologies to launch, market, protect, and brand our clients’
reputations through the use of effective electric vehicle and e-mobility PR strategies. Hyperloops are
a great example some of the new innovative transport technologies that are changing the way
humanity travels.

A hyperloop is a tube-based transportation systems that moves people and goods in capsules on the
ground at airplane speeds safely, efficiently, and sustainably, through near vacuum environments
using magnetic levitation technology. They are the first new form of mass transportation for over a
century, and they are currently being funded, tested, and built at numerous locations around the

When they are passenger ready, hyperloops will be one of the world’s fastest, most efficient, and
most affordable end-to-end transportation solution. They will help to solve key long-term challenges
faced by modern society: overpopulation, traffic congestion, CO2 emissions and air quality and they
will enable economic expansion in connected regions while replacing current carbon-emitting

Years of hyperloop PR experience

Our founding principle and core strength as a consultancy was to promote the technologies that are
driving change in the future of mobility and the people behind the stories.
Our award-winning team ensures that influential press highlight our clients’ in-depth knowledge of
innovative electric propulsion, intelligent materials, vacuum processes, magnetic levitation systems,
and tunnel construction.

This abundant flow of information is expertly disseminated to maintain a steady drumbeat of news,
which serves as the foundation of a communication and brand-building strategy to reach the right
global audience with the correct message.

We work with some of the leading companies and spokespeople in the hyperloop space and their
teams. We tell their stories, shape their messages, announce partnerships, financing news,
technology updates and much more to further bring the concept of hyperloops, and their
businesses, to life in the media.

Hyperloop PR and beyond

E-mobility has crossed from automotive into other transport sectors, and we’ve evolved our clients
in much the same way. As well as hyperloop companies we partner with the companies leading the
electrification of the marine, mining, off-highway, nuclear fusion and aerospace industries.
None of these advances are possible without robust, easy-to-use charging technologies, from the
connectors themselves right through to billing and payment. Which is why we help our clients to
develop their stories and get them heard. Our reputation as the leading hyperloop PR agency is what
makes companies who design, manufacture and operate hyperloops want to work with us.
Whether it’s press releases, social media campaigns, targeted media sell-in, thought leadership,
LinkedIn support, media training or complete PR and communications strategies, we can help raise
the profile of your hyperloop company. The relationships we have with the world’s most influential
and trusted journalists and titles – across print, online and social – ensure that we can get your
stories heard in all the right places.

Compared to other PR agencies in our sector, we are very much at the forefront of all aspects of
hyperloop PR and the technologies that are transforming the transport industry towards a more
sustainable, zero-emissions future.

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