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Why create a shared economy PR Agency?

Analyst research shows the projected market for shared economy services is set to grow exponentially from $14bn in 2014 to $335bn by 2025. Transport has been one sector that has benefited enormously from the introduction of shared economy services and many are starting to become entrenched with gig-economy taxi services through municipally planned and managed eBike hire, this remains a buoyant sector for PR.

Shared economy principles are simply the shared use of idle assets. This can be B2B or B2C and cover a multitude of business models from hourly rates to long term leasing. New Shared economy principles have spread to many industries now as the internet provided the platform for virtually frictionless trade with the ability of ‘sellers’ being able to find ‘buyers’ to leverage their underutilised asset. This has helped to drive forward peer-to-peer based business models. Optimising the use of an asset, this reduces latency and requires fewer raw materials to be extracted, and optimises lifetime value.

Integrated shared economy transport PR campaigns

Shared economy transport businesses are also helping to drive the e-mobility revolution forward. We have conducted PR campaigns in multiple countries for shared economy services such as ride-sharing and eScooter hire.

As the global shared economy gathers pace, intelligent new car user and ownership models are essential to resonate with the values and habits of Millennials and Gen Z. Conducting shared economy PR campaigns have multiple layers. The financial model needs to be right in order for the business to prosper and getting the density ratio to ensure availability is key.

New services are continually entering the e-mobility space; ride sharing, car subscription models, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and now commercial fleets are seeing more optimisation of assets through sharing platforms.

The communication challenge can be complex when conducting PR for shared economy services. Often, behaviours are embedded – car ownership is a perfect example. Now many European cities boast car sharing services that have virtually identical availability to that of private car ownership at a fraction of the cost. Some models suggest that private vehicles remain unused for 95% of their lifetime.

The beauty of shared economy transport models is that every journey is different and access to various modes of transport means consumers can mix and match how they get about. Smart cities are embracing the mutli-modal transport models which reduce congestion and emissions and supplement public transport networks.

Shared Economy PR and Beyond

Conducting PR campaigns for shared economy services is multi-layered. All vehicles are subject to regulations and licencing and new technologies such as eScooters are bringing new methods of transport into the mix, often splitting opinion. Clean, safe and affordable transport is the goal and shared economy services are helping to drive adoption. The PR campaigns that Influence eMobility now take into account behavioural change and brand building as uptake becomes more prevalent and the user experience is undoubtedly positive.

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