Smart cities & smart grid

We help to manage complex, multi-stakeholder communications across a range of PR disciplines for this rapidly evolving and innovative sector.

Delivering Smart City PR and Smart Grid PR strategies

For the past fifteen years, Influence has been helping to manage complex, multi-stakeholder communications across a range of PR disciplines to provide support for those developing rapidly evolving and innovative Smart City and Smart Grid solutions.

History shows that as early as the 1960s, US authorities leveraged information from aerial photography of urban areas and databases to improve traffic flow and resource distribution. And with the United Nations predicting that 6.6 billion people will be living in urban areas by 2050, the extent of the challenges facing those developing new Smart Cities, those endeavouring to transform legacy cities, and those building Smart Grids is clear.

Understanding the needs of next-generation city and grid creators

We specialise in the delivery of precision-focused Smart City Public Relations and Smart Grid Public Relation Strategies for clients across the globe, be they governments, government agencies, city planners or technology providers.

With more than a decade and a half devising and delivering communication and brand-building strategies in the EV Mobility and Sustainable Mobility PR landscape, we also grasp the nuances of the multitude of interconnecting factors required to develop Smart Cities and Smart Grids.

All the next-generation e-mobility and clean energy clients that Influence emobility was born to serve, who specialise in sectors such as Electric Vehicles, Battery Technology, Charging Infrastructure, Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Cars, Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Robo Taxis, Ride Sharing and Last Mile delivery solutions, directly interact with and impact upon the development of Smart Cities and Smart Grids.

We have a decade and a half of experience of the zero-emission solutions required to deliver a sustainable future. Two of our parent agency Influence Associates’ founding clients were an Electric Vehicle (EV) company and a Lithium-ion battery company. Today, we also have clients around the globe operating in sectors from Hyperloop to Hydrogen and from Circular Economy to Shared Economy.  We understand the Clean Energy Ecosystem within which Smart Cities and Smart Grids sit.

Attracting investment and delivering scale through compelling PR strategies

We realise that creating a Smart City, whether from the ground up or as a legacy transformation, represents a significant challenge. Innovative data-driven sustainable solutions are essential at every step to ensure the high-efficiency operation of all city functions and services to enhance the quality of life of all inhabitants.

Zero- and ultra-low-emission multimodal smart mobility systems, incorporating features such as public transport, ridesharing, car-sharing, cycling and autonomous last-mile delivery pods, are critical components of a smart city. And these are all sectors of which we have deep domain knowledge and experience.

The mobility solutions that will facilitate the movement of people, goods and services in our future cities will place tremendous pressure on the electricity grid. Smart, efficient, sustainable, affordable, and reliable grids, enabling the two-way flow of electricity and data, will prove essential to meet and manage this demand.

But of course, with demand comes opportunity. And the rewards will be considerable for those who emerge successful in delivering the technologies and the solutions required to deliver the Smart Cities and Smart Grids needed to provide clean-air streets and unlock social development and economic growth.

However, that success depends on more than just the strength of the solution offered, especially in such a crowded marketplace.

Creating an impactful and compelling story around your services and product that cuts through and reaches the correct media and key opinion formers is essential to secure investment, achieve scale, attract customers, and deliver success.

Targeted Smart City and Smart Grid communication strategies

With six directors with board and C-suite experience in global communications, nine award-winning journalists and former editors of some of the world’s leading technical publications, Influence emobility has the resources, expertise and drive to meet your Smart City and Smart Grid Public Relations needs and help your business progress to the next level.

Whether it’s press releases, social media campaigns, targeted media sell-in, thought leadership, LinkedIn support, media training or complete PR and communications strategies, we can help. Our relationships with the world’s most influential and trusted journalists and titles – across print, online and social – ensure that we can get your stories heard in all the right places.

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