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Why create a Solid-State Battery PR Agency?

Fifteen years ago one of Influence’s founding clients was a NASDAQ-listed Lithium-ion battery start-up. Why? Because even though it was by no means clear back then, we could see they were a key technology for the future of the automotive industry on its journey towards e-mobility and sustainable personal mobility.

As a start-up PR and Communications Agency, we wished to specialise and become experts in this sector and the specific nuances of how to brand, launch, promote and protect the reputations of our battery companies and their partners in every stage of the supply chain. Our success with these projects built our credentials as the leading EV PR Agency in an increasingly crowded and competitive sector.

And just as we’ve seen the introduction of more durable and less costly Lithium-ion chemistries such as Lithium-Iron Phosphate, we’ve also witnessed the intensive research and development into next-generation battery technology: solid-state.

It’s clear that current battery technology still has a lot of potential that can still be exploited, and will be in the market for decades to come. But it’s equally clear that demands for significantly improved energy density, even faster charging capability, longer range, and enhanced safety, durability, and service life require a step-change.

Solid-state batteries could be the solution by replacing flammable, organic liquid electrolytes with solid electrolytes – ceramic and polymer-based electrolytes are among the most promising developments – resulting in no risk of leakage and reducing the risk of overheating. There’s also no need for the separator between anode and cathode required in conventional Li-ion cells, which further reduces cell weight and size.

Although solid-state batteries have been used successfully for many years in specialist applications such as pacemakers, their use in EVs is not widely expected before 2030. Significant challenges remain in successfully transitioning from laboratory to prototypes and to mass production, but many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, technology companies, engineering service providers, and universities are all striving to achieve this breakthrough. Successfully commercialising solid-state batteries could be the next key milestone in EV development.

World-leading Solid-State Battery PR, reinforced by years of expertise

Over a decade of experience has given us a deep understanding of all aspects of current and future battery technology, the rapidly expanding global electric vehicle market, and the broader societal, communications, and media landscape. This wealth of knowledge across the entire e-mobility landscape enables us to ensure that our clients’ key messages, products and brands achieve real cut-through, and get targeted coverage in the most influential media titles and channels worldwide.

As the market has developed, so have we. Our growing team of award-winning experts is what makes us the world’s best Solid-State Battery PR Agency and EV PR Agency – enabling us to expand our reach to support a fast-growing client base working across all aspects of e-mobility.

Today, Influence emobility is a Solid-State Battery PR expert, pioneering the communication of the technologies and developing deep expertise over the years, having worked across the entire next-generation energy ecosystem, and the circular economy and value chain that it underpins.

If you’re engineering the solid-state battery anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, production processes, and manufacturing facilities that will enable EVs to be more energy efficient, higher-performing and faster charging, we want to hear from you. If you’re developing solid-state battery technologies that will dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the aviation and shipping industries, we want to hear from you. If you’re creating blockchain solutions that will give manufacturers complete traceability of their entire solid-state battery supply chain, we want to hear from you.

Whether you are a new entrant looking to disrupt the market, or an established brand wishing to strengthen your position, as the leading Solid-State Battery PR Agency we are ideally placed to supercharge your ambitions.

Naturally, our customers also include global OEMs, and alongside passenger car brands we now work with hypercar and heavy goods vehicle companies, too. Tightening emissions regulations together with demands for cleaner air in cities is also driving demand for retrofit zero-emissions powertrain systems for taxis, buses and coaches. All of these applications have specific demands on the battery technology they use, and our PR campaigns are raising awareness for clients in this increasingly important sector.

From enhancing today’s Lithium-ion chemistries to increase energy density, the development of cost-efficient alternatives such as lithium-sulphur, through to truly game-changing, next-generation technologies such as solid-state, all can provide a rich stream of compelling stories. So too can second-life applications and recycling, as industries come under growing public scrutiny to demonstrate their environmental compatibility and sustainability credentials, and contributions to the circular economy and net-zero.

Our award-winning former technical journalists and editors are seasoned in working with engineers and researchers to mine these assets and bring these stories to life. We offer a complete suite of leading Solid-State Battery PR and communications services from strategy and senior counsel, key messaging, global media placement, and crisis management. Working closely with you, we will help to define and build your brand to deliver business objectives and maximise enterprise value.

Solid-State Battery PR and beyond

And just as e-mobility has crossed from automotive into other transport sectors, we’ve done the same. Today, we partner with the companies leading the electrification of the marine and aerospace industries, and those developing next-generation mass-transit systems including Hyperloop.

Of course, none of these advances are possible without innovation and growth in the global battery market and the supply chain that supports it. Which is why we help clients to develop their stories and get them heard. Our reputation as the leading EV PR Agency is what makes companies who work with all aspects of battery technology, including the latest innovations in solid-state – all the way from mining the core elements, to prototype cell manufacturing, right through to final assembly of the complete pack – want to work with us.

Whether it’s press releases, social media campaigns, keynote speeches, targeted media sell-in, thought leadership, LinkedIn support, media training or complete Solid-State Battery PR and communications strategies, we can help. The relationships we have with the world’s most influential and trusted journalists and titles – across print, online and social – ensures that we can get your stories heard in all the right places.

Compared to other PR agencies in our sector, we are very much at the vanguard of all aspects of e-mobility PR and the solid-state battery technologies that will transform the automotive industry towards a safer, more efficient, zero-emissions future.

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Solid-State Battery PR FAQs

Why is working with a specialist Solid-State Battery PR Agency better than a generalist PR agency or a tech PR or consumer agency?

Put simply, it is about expertise, understanding and sector knowledge and having the closest relationships with the global opinion leaders that matter to the companies working on solid-state battery technology.

It’s also important to have the same level of expertise with electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers themselves, to give the necessary understanding of the advances they need from battery technology to deliver the range, efficiency and charging capability that consumers demand.

Influence is a pioneering battery PR agency. Our first clients 15 years ago were EV companies and a NASDAQ-listed Lithium-ion battery start-up, and since then we have accumulated decades of experience working with a broad range of battery suppliers and Gigafactory firms, as well as everyone from Tesla to traditional OEMs to start-ups on the vehicle side of the equation. We are proud to be the leading global Solid-State Battery PR Agency, and one of only a few who specialise in this sector. We focus this expertise to benefit our battery technology clients and give them unparalleled access to the global opinion formers they need to project their brand and business. A generalist, tech or consumer agency can’t provide this level of sector knowledge. We believe it's the difference between great and good.

What does a Solid-State Battery PR agency do?

A specialist agency focussing on e-mobility and Solid-State Battery PR can help companies in many ways. At Influence emobility, we have a proven model that helps clients refine and focus their messaging in order to really cut through and provide a key point of difference. Having laser-focussed messaging is the first step. We then take your message to key global influencers in your space, such as influential journalists and opinion formers who in turn amplify that message through respected channels. Those channels can be traditional media (print and broadcast), your own channels or the specific targeting of appropriate audiences through social media such as LinkedIn. Powerful brand building amongst critical audiences is vital to business success.

What Solid-State Battery PR services do you offer?

We deliver all the services you would expect from a specialist Solid-State Battery PR Agency and more. This includes developing a brand building strategy, positioning and key messaging. Having worked in e-mobility PR for decades, we have a global opinion leading media and influencer network second to none. We work with all forms of media and channels to deliver effective targeting. Influence has managed and supported the launch of multiple battery technology companies and Gigafactories – as hundreds of vehicles – from content and event production through to social media and community management. We are very much promoters as well as protectors, so reputation management and crisis communications is also part of our client offering.

What is your approach to Solid-State Battery PR?

At Influence emobility we have a proven brand-building model to help bring brands from early stage, stealth mode through a number of phases, each building on the last to introduce the businesses to key opinion formers. We are very focused on key messaging to ensure it ‘cuts through’ in an ever more crowded marketplace at the right time and through the most effective channel. For businesses that are already in the market, we use similar tools but focus on amplification and mass awareness. All this ensures your brand and comms is clearly differentiated from competitors and we support you in delivering your business objectives.

What expertise does your team have?

At the core of our leading Solid-State Battery PR Agency proposition is our team. This is comprised of nine award-winning former editors of some of the world’s leading automotive, e-mobility and sustainability media, who not only have deep domain knowledge and an enviable contact book, but are adept at rapidly disseminating information and producing editorial grade copy that brings out a client’s key message or USP. This journalistic experience is blended with multiple former Heads of Comms and PR with Board level and C-Suite experience. The team is backed up by experienced event and product launch specialists and content creators that can provide compelling assets for every channel. This mix of skillsets provides senior firepower and capability to our clients with the experience to advise and execute market-leading Solid-State Battery PR.

What type of Solid-State Battery companies do you work with?

As the best Solid-State Battery PR Agency in the world, we work across the whole value chain of battery technology from cell development through to Gigafactories. Complementing this network is our client base working at all levels of the e-mobility space, from raw materials such as lithium, motors, inverters, charging networks and, of course, EV OEMs themselves.

We are the leading and specialist Solid-State Battery PR agency and e-mobility PR Agency. Contact us on to discuss how we can support you.

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