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We are a team of technology and innovation PR specialists delivering exposure at some of the most critical points in a company’s development. Focussing on the e-mobility sector, deep domain knowledge of the practical application of technology and engineering are critical to delivering PR programs for companies in this space. Now, more than ever the automotive industry relies on technology to deliver differentiation, functionality and enhanced utility.

The development of the applications market has provided a real opportunity for automotive OEMs to extend and deliver a rich brand experience. Delivering PR campaigns for automotive service providers is both fast paced and fascinating. Open standards are creating an interoperable ecosystem in order to harness and exploit the potential of mass data.

From telematics to battery intelligence, huge volumes of data are available and through cloud-based architecture and machine learning, automotive companies are forever pushing the boundaries forward.

Years of automotive technology PR experience

Technology services and applications for automotive and associated transport infrastructure supports hundreds of companies constantly bringing new services and applications that deal with improving specific elements of the ecosystem to market. Some of these advances remain firmly ‘under-the-hood’ and others provide direct touchpoints with the data and systems controls.

PR is a critical tool for these companies, especially in the early stages of their development. At Influence eMobility, the team has decades of automotive PR and technology PR experience and is adept at taking nascent businesses on their respective journeys to fame and fortune.

For the vast majority of these companies, the end-user is unlikely to ever know the company name of that provider so PR for technology service providers in the B2B space is critical. Attracting companies to partner with as customers rather than specifically targeting brand communications at end-users requires focussed automotive technology PR services.

Whilst an understanding of the technology and the automotive industry is critical, the team has become adept at managing what can sometimes be a very complex stakeholder relationships as often applications require the collaboration of many companies all looking to PR the developments and grab that all important awareness and position themselves as the key player in their respective B2B markets.

The connectivity available now makes this space race all the more interesting. The technology in cars can now be connected with a myriad of consumer electronics devices from phones to wearable tech. This provides a rich interface with the owners.

In many ways, in-car services and applications are becoming an extension of the consumer electronics devices they integrate with to manage, monitor and control a car’s systems. From voice activation through to security, technology services are helping OEMs differentiate. These systems are all enhanced through satellite and geo-positioning services that are opening up potential new revenue models for car manufactures through the use of location based services.

Beyond automotive technology and applications PR

The team at Influence eMobility conducts PR programs for many technology firms that are developing the next generation of services and applications for cars. From media relations through to thought leadership programs, live events and stunts, bringing all the parties in the e-mobility ecosystem together is what Influence eMobility excels at.

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