Quality journalism is all about maintaining an eye for detail, substance, and novelty. In a crowded media landscape with multiple parties vying for the largest share of voice, landing a combination of all three lays the groundwork for a strong story.

While each of these ingredients are central to compelling storytelling, they all feed into one primary consideration: delivering what an audience wants to see.

With our team of former senior specialist editors, and global expertise in the e-mobility, automotive and technology sectors, we know first-hand just how important audience centricity is in making a communications strategy successful.

Whether you’re looking to achieve results with a news story, deep-dive feature, or spokesperson interview, each angle and pitch needs to be crafted through the lens of the journalists consuming them.

With reporters’ and editors’ eyes firmly fixed on what their audiences will engage with, convincing media of your narrative and your solutions’ merits will establish a strong basis to drive consideration among their readership. Furthermore, couching highly technical information in a digestible format is key to engaging a range of different media. While some journalists may be technical experts in a given field, receiving a clear and concise pitch on a complex topic will be instrumental in showing how the story can be communicated to their readership – especially in the case of publications with a broader audience.

As a result, any proactive media relations should be founded upon three key questions:

  • Which audiences do we want to target?
  • What do they need to know from us?
  • Which media sources do they get their information from – and most importantly, trust?

Media publications are a hugely valuable gateway to generating positive sentiment and leads for your business, and keeping these considerations at the core of your PR activity will provide a tried-and-tested means of building your credibility in the eyes of your customer base.

The same principles apply to owned communications channels and direct B2C marketing, too. Identifying your target audience, what their needs are, and what influences their decision-making processes, is crucial in order to strategically build the value of your brand to your customer base. However, given that the information is coming from your business, and not an authoritative third party, it is imperative that your audience believes your content is authentic, trustworthy, and focused on genuinely helping them find solutions to their challenges.

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