Starting a company is hard work. Rewarding, yes, but it’s tough to gain traction even when you have a brilliant idea, boundless enthusiasm, and are prepared to work all the hours with all the right people.

At Influence, we know all about it. As e-mobility, automotive and technology PR specialists, we work with many companies, globally, at start-up phase, scale-up and beyond. Some are already out there winning customers, contracts and attracting investment. Others are still at the planning stage. But all of them see the critical importance of good PR.

Here are five reasons why start-ups want to work with us (and why we love working with them):

1. Media and key opinion leaders love innovation and new information. News is by definition ‘newly received or noteworthy information’. The type of communications we provide for start-ups is always new and noteworthy. The trick is to keep it coming, again and again. That’s the only way to build momentum and awareness and this is where a specialist emobility PR agency excels.

2. Start-ups often need investment. News coverage really helps to get investors interested. Coverage in the right places lends endorsement, builds credibility and often opens doors to funding.

3. News makes things real. Large-scale, independent and authoritative media outlets are highly credible and influential journals of record. For start-ups that may have not even launched their products, news coverage considerably helps create substance to what is a work in progress.

4. Massive reach. Not only do these outlets lend credibility, they have enormous reach. No other channel can come close to delivering the reach of carefully targeted news sources and creating the desired awareness – for such relatively little cost. Social media then acts as a significant force multiplier. When a Pew Research Center study analysed a million blog posts, it discovered that 80% cited a professional news source.

5. Creates excitement. Virtually every PR strategy will have an objective of ‘creating a buzz,’ which – whilst an amorphous concept – really helps to propel a business forward. People are emotionally invested in news, and the right message changes hearts and minds and leads to positive actions.

And if you’ve ever wondered what happens when the camera stops rolling on Dragons’ Den, all of the clients we’ve worked with that have been on the show, tell us one of the first questions every investor asks off air is: “Have you got a PR company?”

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