All businesses address markets and a solid understanding of what a company does is a critical success factor. When it comes to credibility, there is evidence-based information as well as a multitude of subtler cues readily available for established businesses. For start- and scale-ups, early-stage credibility is imperative and a significant factor that defines future success, but in these nascent stages demonstrating capability and credibility is hard-won.

In the automotive and e-mobility spaces, where manufacturers, suppliers and R&D firms are fully established and hold significant market share, carving out your own defined niche and point of difference – especially when your solutions portfolio is small or in development – can be incredibly difficult.

Receiving endorsement from third parties that are well-rooted and respected in your sector will therefore be a welcome boost when you’re seeking more visibility in the crowd. But the benefits don’t stop there; they go far beyond just raising awareness.  This is the primary function of an eMobility PR agency such as Influence eMobility.

Whether in a B2B or B2C capacity, first and foremost is the validity that third-party advocacy provides – not just within your business, but also in the eyes of investors, customers and future employees.

Engaging key opinion leaders in the media is a crucial link in the chain for delivering your business’ messaging to your target audience. Pitching them angles that will interest their readers and thought-provoking stories that fully align with their beat from the outset, will go a long way to establishing a positive relationship with them, and getting them onboard with your business’ vision.

When selected correctly, industry awards, for example, offer a high-profile platform for you to gain recognition for your product development and business strategy, from a broad panel of expert, highly regarded judges – individuals whose opinion receives positive attention in the industry. From there, you open up opportunities to earn the attention – and hopefully the investment or business – of the engaged, high-quality audience that monitors awards and attends the prize-giving ceremonies.

Third-party advocacy is also a highly effective tool for enhancing consideration directly among your target market. For consumer-facing businesses in particular, strategic influencer marketing can play an important role in this – couching your solutions and brand story in a way that is authentic and resonates effectively with the audience you’re looking to engage.

While collaborating with carefully selected influencers is important for convincing audiences of the benefits of your solutions, user-generated content adds a further dimension that can help convert consideration into purchase leads and sales. Studies have consistently demonstrated that authenticity and real-life customer advocacy go even further than influencer content in driving purchase decisions, making genuine buzz and social media chatter incredibly valuable for cementing the credibility and desirability of your products.

Passion and emotional investment in your business’ story are certainly valuable for convincing others to believe in you. However, keeping your horizons broad – and knowing how to earn the support of other industry players – opens up another world of opportunities for making your own impact, and ultimately making your own endorsement something other businesses will value, too.

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