Autonomous vehicles and automotive data

Helping clients communicate and connect with stakeholders across this transformative sector.

Autonomy is one of the key technologies transforming the automotive and transport sectors.  Influence has been at the forefront of communicating these technologies supporting a portfolio of clients and is well versed in the issues.

The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) market is forecast to reach more than $1800 billion by 2028 with the potential to transform mobility and many commercial and domestic forms of transport. Accelerating the industry beyond Level 3 to Level 4 and Level 5 requires significant uptake in next-generation ADAS, camera, radar, LiDAR, AI, ML and Edge and Cloud data management.

These parties must be confident in their choices before investing in and procuring AV technology and data management solutions. We created Influence emobility to communicate the future of mobility and build public trust through PR. Coupled with an agile, proactive mindset and ‘always on’ crisis management, we have the expertise to build brand and customer acceptance.

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