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Delivering PR campaigns for clean energy technologies and suppliers supporting the EV revolution.

Clean energy PR agency

We are one of the world’s first and leading Clean Energy PR Agencies, working with innovators in this space since 2008.

Why create a clean energy PR Agency?

When we first established Influence more than ten years ago, two of our first clients were an electric vehicle (EV) company and a lithium-ion battery manufacturer. We could see that clean energy businesses were about to revolutionise the transport industry and we wanted to help them make their impact on the world.

A decade later we are specialists in launching, marketing, protecting, and branding our clean energy clients’ reputations using effective PR strategies. There are numerous types of clean energy such as wind power, solar power, bioenergy (organic matter burned as a fuel) and hydroelectric to name a few.

Nuclear fission and fusion are also clean energy sources with huge real-world potential now and in the future. Nuclear fission is the process by which conventional nuclear power plants generate energy in which a larger atom is split into two smaller atoms, thereby releasing energy. Nuclear fusion reverses that process, with energy produced when two smaller atoms slam together to form one larger atom.

Fusion (the elemental process that powers stars and the sun) is often referred to as the holy grail of clean energy because of its promise of generating nearly unlimited emission-free energy without the equivalent harmful, long-lasting radioactive waste that nuclear fission produces.

Years of clean energy PR experience

We have a comprehensive understanding of every facet of clean energy and its media landscape thanks to over a decade’s worth of experience in this space. Our ability to ensure that our clients’ messages, products, and brands achieve genuine cut-through and receive targeted coverage in the most powerful media titles and channels worldwide is second to none.

At Influence we have helped to launch major clean energy companies and industry leaders in this space, and we understand the ecosystem and collaborative solutions required. We appreciate the challenges our clean energy clients face in bringing best-in-class solutions rapidly and profitably to scale, in the many markets around the world.
Our proactive strategies are built from the ground up to meet individual client needs and are continuously evaluated to pivot swiftly to changing conditions. We craft on-point messages and ensure they cut through to resonate strongly with target media and influencers.
As the market has developed, so have we. Our growing team of award-winning experts is what makes us one of the leading clean energy PR agencies and has enabled us to expand our reach to support a fast-growing client base working across all aspects of the ecosystem. If you’re an innovator in the clean energy space, then we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us via our contact section below.

Clean energy PR and beyond

As well as clean energy companies that power everyday transport systems, we also work with those powering the marine and aerospace industries, and those developing next-generation mass-transit systems such as the hyperloop.

Companies in these fields seek us out because of our reputation as one of the top renewable energy PR firms and our passion for the entire industry. Whether it’s press releases, social media campaigns, targeted media sell-ins, thought leadership articles, LinkedIn support, media training or complete PR and communications strategies, we can help raise the profile of your clean energy company. We are experts in getting your news heard in all the right places because of the connections we have with the most reputable, influential publications both nationally and internationally.
Compared to many other PR firms in our industry, we are at the forefront of all facets of clean energy PR as well as all the technologies that are moving the world towards a more sustainable, zero-emissions future.

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