Net zero and carbon neutral

Helping organisations communicate their net zero and carbon neutral transitions to drive differentiation and planet-positive impacts.

PR for net zero and carbon neutral initiatives

Net zero and carbon neutrality are issues that impact all our clients within the next generation mobility ecosystem and communications in these areas is the core of our business.

Established by a senior leadership team with decades of boardroom level experience within automotive and technology, Influence eMobility works daily with the complexities facing industries and businesses. Working with a PR agency that understands the pressures facing businesses and entire industries as they work towards a net zero future requires a senior team. The team at Influence eMobility not only have deep automotive PR and e-mobility PR experience in the subject matter, they are well versed in the subtleties and difficulties clients face when undertaking these projects. Communication and PR needs to be robust, transparent and coordinated to deliver net zero PR and messaging to employees, suppliers, investors, regulators and customers.

Years of net zero PR agency sector experience

Influence eMobility’s founding clients were a NASDAQ listed lithium-ion battery manufacturer and what was then, the world’s biggest selling electric vehicle from a Norwegian OEM. The push towards net zero has been underway in varying degrees for a number of years but the automotive industry embraced the challenge early and head on. As such, the team of senior personnel have been through successive government initiatives and changing public opinion as well as understanding the interconnectedness of the e-mobility ecosystem.

Working with net zero PR and communications from the very outset by delivering PR for e-mobility clients has meant that the agency has grown and developed with the movement. We understand how to take visionary concepts and nascent businesses through each of the required steps and stages to bring the businesses to market and wider acclaim.
This has regularly meant overcoming media scepticism at the tentative first stages of an industry’s inception as well as delivering credible net zero PR, of in the face of firmly established markets. We have therefore worked with key opinion formers in the media, in the investment community amongst supply partners and to introduce wholly new concepts to market.

Net zero PR and beyond

Having been at the vanguard of the automotive industry’s transformation, Influence eMobility has been tasked with bringing other sectors along the way from clean energy though to electric marine, smart cities and electric aviation.

Often we have worked with pre-revenue clients that have a vision and need investment to start to get the right backing and personnel together to develop the idea to a workable proposition. It is these early pioneers that have inspired us and in turn, we have been the PR agency that has moved their businesses on to inspire others and attract the right investment and talent. As a PR agency operating in the net zero space we have evolved and grown and have the right tools for the job for any net zero PR endeavour.

We have formed strong media bonds with journalists globally that are keen to understand and help drive forward net zero agendas and to bring the issues to the fore that will affect real and positive change in our world.

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