Ride-sharing and robo-taxi services

We have a proven track record in delivering PR campaigns for this developing shared economy sector.

Ride-Sharing PR Agency and Robo-Taxis PR Agency

As the world’s first communications consultancy dedicated to all forms of e-mobility, providing precision-targeted Ride-Sharing Public Relations and Robo-Taxi Public Relations strategies and services falls precisely within our multi-discipline skill set.

Our team is at the cutting edge of developments in these emerging sectors.

Although severely impacted during the pandemic, the global ride-sharing industry is back. With a CAGR of 16.3%, market value is expected to exceed $240bn by 2028. Along with Robo-Taxi Services, a sector expected to more than double in size over the next decade, Ride-Sharing will deliver seamless mobility on demand for city dwellers across the globe.

Influence emobility has provided multi-faceted PR initiatives for those operating in the Ride-Sharing and Robotics-Taxi spheres. This has taken the form of support for start-ups at pre-seed funding.  We have collaborated with our partners during the early stages of development and testing to plan Ride-Sharing PR Communication Strategies and Robo-Taxi PR Communication Strategies to help them emerge from stealth mode.  In addition, we have also been chosen by global OEMs to support their highly ambitious growth plans in these sectors.

Unique Senior Strategic PR Counsel

Key to helping our Ride-Sharing and Robo-Taxi clients is our proven ability to seamlessly immerse ourselves in every aspect of their business models so that we can fully understand their offers. This is not always an instant process, but it is crucial to spend the time working through every single detail, either at our headquarters in Soho, London, at our client’s base wherever they are in the world if required, or in online meetings, to create the correct messaging and strategy.

Cutting through to the correct audience

Having agreed on the correct messaging with our Ride-Sharing and Robo-Taxi clients, the next stage is to build compelling stories around their products and services. This takes numerous forms, including press releases, social media campaigns, keynote speeches, targeted media sell-in, thought leadership, LinkedIn support, media training or complete PR and communications strategies.

Delivery of those stories is critical. And this is where the one unwavering fundamental principle that sits at the core of Influence’s strategic approach comes into play – ‘cut-through.’ The relationships we have with the world’s most influential and trusted journalists and titles – across print, online and social – ensure that we can get your stories heard in all the right places. This is essential to build credibility, drive consideration among your target audience, and unlock investment opportunities – the key ingredients required to lay the foundations for an effective growth strategy.

With rapidly emerging technologies, such as Ride-Sharing and Robo-Taxi Services, where a high level of public understanding and education must be delivered to allay any concerns and correct any misconceptions, the construction, delivery, and ongoing proactive management of the messaging is even more crucial.

Operating Within the Wider E-Mobility Ecosystem

Following on from the foundation of our parent agency Influence Associates, a decade, and a half ago, Influence emobility was founded to provide guidance and support across the entire clean-energy and next-generation mobility ecosystem. We specialise in sectors including Electric Vehicles, Battery Technology, Charging Infrastructure, Autonomous Vehicles, Connected Cars, Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Last Mile Delivery Solutions, and the development of Smart Cities and Smart Grids. All of these interact with and impact upon the development of Ride-Sharing and Robo-Taxi Services.

We believe that the unique insight this provides gives Influence emobility a greater understanding of and a superior ability to meet the communication needs of our Ride-Sharing and Robo-Taxi clients than any other agency.

Ride-Sharing PR Crisis Communication & Robo-Taxi PR Crisis Communication

With a senior leadership team comprising six directors with board and C-suite experience in global communications, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with high-level senior strategic counsel. And those same resources are on hand 24/7 for rapid delivery of Ride-Sharing PR Crisis Communication and Robo-Taxi PR Crisis Communication, should it be needed, to provide our clients with complete peace of mind.

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